“I think the most important thing is to have a good time with your friends and your family, and then you have a happy life, and that should be enough. But all the stuff we have to fight against — politics, sports politics, and the daily life of making a living, that’s the extra — that’s the stuff we have to deal with.”

Terje Haakonsen

A road movie through Norway & the mind of Terje Haakonsen

From early contest shakeups to progressing the sport in countless magazines and videos, Terje’s influence on snowboarding’s trajectory is truly monumental. Terje’s Olympic boycott and creation of the Arctic Challenge made him a pioneering proponent of rider-run contests. As a competitor he has stacked accolades including all-time high quarterpipe airs and seven Mt Baker Legendary Banked Slalom wins.

Desillusion Magazine’s editor in chief Sebastien Zanella followed Terje Haakonsen on a road trip around Norway to gain a true insight into his life away from the spotlight.

The video comes with a full report on Terje Haakonsen published in Desillusion Magazine available on store.dslmag.com