BIO – English Version

My name is Federica Caronna and I am 36 years old and I teach Vinyasa, Yin and Pregnancy Yoga. I discovered Yoga for the first time in October 2010, in California, where I attended different schools and different teachers on a daily basis. In particular, the teacher who involved me a lot in my practice and made me participate in this long and incredible journey is Yvonne Monsauret, with a practice of Hatha and Iyengar yoga.
I continued my studies with Bryan Kest at his Power Yoga school in Santa Monica and with several teachers at YAS (Yoga for Athletes) and Exhale, including Shiva Rea, Rudy Mettia and Kimberly Fowler. The practices are predominantly dynamic with a focus on Vinyasa / Flow Yoga.

After a year and a half of constant practice in the United States, I return to Italy, to Milan, where I continue to perfect my experience with Giselle Bridger, Anna Inferrera and Francesco De Nigris. During these years I often take the opportunity to attend various workshops with Santhanam, Hannah Webb Franco, David Sye, Leslie Kaminoff and Gianmarco Coventry. In October 2015 I attended 10 days of Teacher Training with Canadian teacher Waylon Belding. In June 2016 I attended Yoga Alliance Certified 50 hours of Yin Yoga with Master Biff Mitthoefer: “Taoism, Anatomy and Sequency”. In July 2016 I obtained the Yoga Alliance 200 RYT after a month of Teacher Training with Pedro Franco, Premananda Vinyasa Yoga. In 2018 he started following the Teacher Training Yoga Alliance 300 RYT held by Jason Crandell from Triyoga in London. In March 2020 I finished the Advanced Training course in Somatic Competence Yoga, at the Institute of Integrated Psychosomatics, directed by Dr. Prof. R. M. Scognamiglio. This is the first training in Italy with a Trauma-Informed approach that arises from clinical and scientific research.
Since June 2015 I have been teaching and teaching Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Prenatal Yoga in Vercurago, at CityZen in Milan, at Mondo Yoga in Milan, at the Dance & Movement Center in Lecco and at the Holistic and Yoga Tatami Center in Olgiate Molgora. During the summer I led several outdoor practices on Lake Lecco, with an average of 30 students per practice. I also follow several projects for teenagers in schools (Liceo Classico Berchet in Milan, Istituto De Amicis Bergamo) and in companies (We Are Social, Amazon, BTicino).

I continue to study and deepen the method under the guidance of Italian and foreign teachers such as Jason Crandell, Genevie Kapuler, Marc Holzman, but my training wanted to overcome the technical and historical level of yoga, to study the ways to enter into a relationship with students and be able to make their path in yoga a real learning tool about themselves.

I like to share the pleasure of practicing with the aim of transmitting even a fraction of the infinite benefits that yoga has brought into my life. From the moment I stepped on the mat my life began to change, bringing me back to listening with myself and with what I had genuinely always been. These evolutions are still taking place and it is an emotion for me to be able to share this journey with the people who follow me.

My intent is to make yoga a profound journey for everyone, by exploring the relationship between body, breath and mind.