Who has a normal mind?

Eccoli, arrivano anche i buoni propositi per il 2015.

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The ‘Sun’day review


Wake up, it’s 10 AM!


Sunday 011
Berrylicious breakfast


Sunday 013
…american oatmeal!

…and all the way to Parco Lambro, Milan’s version of Central park 😛

                                                         ….an amazing surprise! You won’t believe there is something like this in Milan!

Sunday 014
Lambro’s falls
Sunday 019
Lambro’s park

Sunday 022
Lambro’s ducks


Sunday 047
The Lambro river
Sunday 029
A skate park..as in ‘my’ Venice!
Sunday 037
Lambro’s hill
Sunday 039
Spring flowers

And then….around 2 pm: a vegetarian lunch to bless this Sunday!

Sunday 041
Red onion (cipolla di Tropea), Lime, Salt and Pepper…ready for…….


Sunday 045
Sunday 051
Quail eggs + steamed asparagus

I haven’t took any picture but I also cooked an amazing ‘Red pepper and macadamia nuts & almond pesto’ with mafalda corta garofalo! My own recipe: wanna know more about it?

…’just’ an amazing Sunday!

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